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Travel Diary

06 Oct The Charm of Cairo

Patricia A. explores what Cairo has to offer during her incredible tour in the largest metropolitan city in the Middle East and the Arab world. What comes to your mind when you hear 'Cairo'? Pyramids? Sphinx? Nile or Belly Dance? Cairo is much more than that. As...

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05 Sep Seville, Spain: Going Back Home

Romina M. gives a tour around her hometown visiting the best tourist spots and eating famous Spanish delicacies.   ¡Hola! Seville, Spain - the city where I was born and raised, where I studied and spent my life before I moved to Dubai. It is the capital of Andalucía, and if...

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04 Feb Jujuy: The Land of Colors

Maria V. shares her great adventure seeing the rich history and culture in the villages and mountains of Jujuy. Jujuy is a province in north western region of Argentina visited by many tourists throughout the year. The colonial buildings and the desert landscapes form a natural...

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19 Oct Tourist In My Own Country, Romania

Tudor T. passionately shares about being a tourist in his own country, Romania.  Only after living abroad for a few years I started realizing that I was taking my country ‘for granted’, without thinking too much about how diverse it is. On a surface slightly smaller...

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18 Aug Cultural Intelligence: Japan

Dominika V. introduces the essential business etiquette of the Land of the Rising Sun, Japan. ‘Japanese Business Etiquette’ is one of the most frequently searched business- related keywords worldwide according to Google. The Japanese business etiquette is very formal and almost ritualistic at times in comparison to...

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04 Aug Montepulciano, Italy

David H. narrates his unforgettable experience in Montepulciano, Italy.  There’s nothing quite like a Carabinieri (Italian Civil Guard) road-block to make one mentally scroll through images of his family to rule out possible Mafia connections. (I do sometimes hesitate when I scroll past Andrew…my brother…) As our...

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