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Mobile Learning

15 Jul What is Microlearning?

By Sue Brett, VP Marketing & Business Development at Beckley.Institute Microlearning, Millennial, Generation Y versus X, disruptive learning, linear versus modular content; all indicate new words for old concepts. No change there. However, what has changed irrevocably is the ability to hard wire learning to the way...

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26 May What is Mobile Learning?

Learning has always been mobile. From the first step we take in life, determined to explore what is around us through taste, touch and talk, we radiate curiosity and seek knowledge. The Definition of Mobile: Able to move or be moved freely or easily The Definition of Learning: The...

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26 May What Is Mobile Learning?

By Beckley.Institute. From e-learning to m-learning, online to virtual courses and dial-ins, apps to downloads, the world of self-study learning can sometimes appear to have a language of its own. However, the desire to acquire knowledge and the way people learn has fundamentally never changed. Learning...

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By Beckley.Institute According to the 2014 ATD State of the Industry report, technology-based methods account for 38 percent of all learning delivery in organizations. If one way to stay relevant in a rapidly changing market is to implement a business strategy that directly integrates lifelong learning...

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